Preventing Memory Issues for your Players.

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Hello GM/DM’s of Fantasy Grounds!  One issue that effects a majority of tables is high memory usage for your players.  This is caused by a couple different factors.  We will go through how to minimize this on your table and make your games run even smoother.

First, the images & maps that you share with your players is one of the main aspects of using FG that will start to eat up their RAM. (AKA Memory)  So, how do you prevent this form happening?  The first thing you need to do is make sure that your image resolutions is 2400 X 1000 or smaller.  Second, once you have shared an image with the group and they are finished using it.  Go into the Images/Maps menu and click the “P” beside the image to stop sharing it.  

Second, the tokens you have in your GM and Shared folder are loaded each time a player connects to your table.  If you use a lot of tokens that aren’t included in the modules you own, (Monster Manual, Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes) then you need to export those into a module.  This will prevent your players from getting memory overload each time they connect.  For instruction on how to create and export a module.  You can click HERE.

Finally, you can preload images so that they load as players connect to your game.  This is very helpful for larger images and images you know you will be using during the session.  All you have to do is right click on the image go to sharing (Picture of a Head) then to Preload. (Spiderweb)  This will have the image up and ready.  Once you share it, it will immediately show up for your players with no load time.  Just remember to go back and unshare the image once you are done from step one.

Hope this helps with keeping your games lag free and makes using Fantasy Grounds more enjoyable for everyone in your game!

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